Affiliate Marketing For Beginners [Video]

According to Julie Becker, affiliate marketing requires learning some skills. If you’re a beginner, she advises that you shouldn’t be intimadated about the things you hear.

Julie Becker said that to create a good network, you must be willing to pay. You require a marketing budget. Affiliate marketing is, according to her, a commission-based business.

In this video, she discusses more about what beginners must expect about affiliate marketing.

Julie Becker is a very active participant of Check out her useful ideas, strategies and affiliate marketing here where she discusses more things that you might find useful, especially if you’re a beginner.

Kinds of Affiliate Marketing Conference

Not all affiliate marketing seminars are the same.

If you very carefully browse the list of the 2014 sector meetings to think about going to, you will certainly discover that of them can be roughly divided into 3 teams: geography-specific conferences, topic- or subject-specific, and platform-specific ones.
To take advantage of each kind, you would like to straighten your goals and assumptions in accordance with the specificity of the conference.

Geography-Specific Conferences
While there are some meetings that are as near to being “multinational” as a conference can be (Associate Top is a great example) also they often lean additional to the geography where they are being held.
Furthermore, with the fast globally growth of the industry, we have a viewed quite a number of new countries acquire their own associate marketing meetings. Normally, if you have passion in geography-specific affiliate advertising you really want to take into consideration attending seminars held in corresponding geographies.

02/21– Certified Public Accountant Day (Kiev, Ukraine)
02/25-02 / 26– Member TactixX (Munich, Germany)
05/22– Affiliate Dag 2014 (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)-
05/29-05 / 31РAfiliados Brasil (Ṣo Paulo, Brazil)
06/24-06 / 25– Efficiency Marketing Insights Europe (Berlin, Germany)
08/10-08 / 12– Member Top East (New York, NY, UNITED STATES)
10/03-10 / 04– Russian Associate Congress & Expo (Moscow, Russia)

Subject-Specific Conferences
It is additionally vital to know that some of the associate advertising conferences are either narrowly thematic (or centered around a particular niche), concentrated on a particular advertising and marketing service (e.g.: lead generation) or targeting a specific topic (e.g.: affiliate program management). Unnecessary to stress that if a certain subject or topic is of interest/important to your company you do would like to put these on your schedule.

Below are some 2014 examples of such conferences:
03/19-03 / 20– Member Administration Days (San Francisco, CA, UNITED STATE)– For marketers, CMOs & affiliate managers
03/25-03 / 26– LeadsCon Las Vegas (Las Vegas, NV, USA)– Concentrated on lead generation
05/13-05 / 14– Member Management Days (London, UK)– Super Early riser prices end this Friday
06/24-06 / 27– Amsterdam Affiliate Meeting (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)– Targeting the video gaming particular niche particularly

Platform-Specific Conferences
There is a different group of associate system- or/and network-specific seminars.

01/15– ClickBank Exchange (Las Vegas, NV, U.S.A)
02/21– LinkShare Symposium Japan (Tokyo, Japan)
06/25-06 / 26– LinkShare Symposium East (The big apple, NY, UNITED STATE)
08/03-08 / 05– AvantExpo 2014 (Park City, UT, U.S.A)
TBA– Payment Junction University (Santa Barbara, CA, U.S.A)
TBA– ShareASale ThinkTank (TBA, U.S.A)


The Pros of Affiliate Marketing

When you attend any affiliate marketing event, it is always a comfort to know that you know what will be discussed in the conference or seminar or whatever the event is. This infographic lays out the benefits of affiliate marketing. Here are some of the highlights:

-        Marketing Tools used by Affiliates

-       By 2014, affiliate marketing spending will hit $4 billion

-        A look at the fixed cost and risks of Affiliate Marketing

See the infographic below for the detailsPrestige-Marketing-benefits-of-affiliate-marketing: